Caught in a Bad Runmance

This year’s Valentine’s Day-themed email is brought to you by Lady Gaga and our coach Sarad’s penchant for pop music metaphors.

Chances are, you have probably heard Lady Gaga (or a drunk undergrad) belting out her latest masterwork SOMEWHERE in the past few months. If you aren’t in the habit of listening to Kiss 108, however, don’t worry – we’re not going to be going into lyrical depth here. According to Sarad’s Talmudic breakdown, running is a Bad Romance because even though the training sometimes sucks, it’ll just make the payoff even better. After giving it a lot of thought this past week (Lady Gaga lyrics trump financial statements in the grand scheme of things I’d rather analyze), I have to say that I disagree with his interpretation. I think there’s a big difference between love and romance, and my feelings for running are definitely more in line with the former.

I mean, okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day. I think most people would agree, this is a day about romance. And nearly everyone hates it. The stress of making dinner reservations (hope you locked that down months ago or I will be seeing you over Big Buck Hunter at The Sports Depot this evening), being perfectly plucked and coiffed, and showing up with a gift that hits the sweet spot between personal and cliche is just OVERWHELMING. And did you start dating someone in January? Good luck navigating THAT minefield. Romance is about show, and in my opinion the payoff is kind of minimal.

Cupid's arrow is a 12 gauge

There is not a whiff of romance about my relationship with running (unless you consider the scent of old sneakers

Dr. Love

romantic). I don’t get gussied up for long runs. The nicest gift I ever bring to practice is a clean pair of socks. And I’d certainly be up a creek if I had to try to eat my Gu demurely. According to our resident run (and romance) expert Genuine Italian Fulvio, however, none of that matters when you’re talking about true love. If love were measured in high fives, which is in fact how I measure it, it would be quite clear where my feelings about Team in Training fit in. I adore my teammates, even the cold and windy and hilly runs leave me feeling better than when I started, and most of all, I love being surrounded every Saturday by the kind of 100%, no holds barred love that motivates people to run a marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

So, if you would consider showing the ol’ fundraising website some love this Valentine’s Day, I would deeply appreciate it! Have a wonderful day filled with maximal love and Big Buck Hunter, and minimal stress over which floral arrangement adequately expresses your feelings, everyone.

Rrrah rah rrah ah ahhh


My running Valentine


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