Greeting from Lesotho, the Kingdom in the Sky!

Yup, that’s right, the alternative name for Lesotho really is “the kingdom in the sky” and that’s no misnomer, ladies and gents. This country all rests more than 4,500 feet above sealevel. It is a beautiful beautiful country. I’m a sucker for mountains – having grown up in the white mountains of western Maine/ New Hampshire, and Lesotho does not disappoint.

My trip to Lesotho – all 36 something hours of it was fairly non-eventful. Even my overnight stay (earmuffs, mother) at the Johannesberg aiport went smoothly. (Disclaimer for any guest posts on this blog – smoothly is a relative term. For example, some may have hesitated to call sleeping in the Johannesburg airport with passport and $500 cash down their pants going smoothly, but I would call this a great success!) From Johannesburg I had a quick flight to Maseru, Lesotho where I was picked up, proposed to (uh huh, in the span of 20 minutes the driver from my program had confessed passionately his love for me, the inevitability of our life together, and begged for a kiss), and was on my to Leribe where I am currently.

Leribe kids!
View of Leribe from the road behind my convent

I guess this post is the Let’s Get Oriented post. I’ll try to keep it short because I know I have a short attention span and I can’t really expect anyone to be interested in hearing what I have to say for TOO long. BUT, I think I’ll have to lay the background info for future blogs. Sound like a plan? Great! Thanks!

Okay. The facts. I am living in Leribe which is a city in northern Lesotho – a country completely surrounded by South Africa. People are called Basotho and the language is called Sesotho. I live in a convent with another American medical student from BU named Jen.(Contrary to popular belief, I did not light on fire after stepping through the convent gates. Yes, I know, Mother, why in the world would that be popular belief?) We live in a guest house and the sisters live in a house next door. I am volunteering/ studying/ working at one of the larger hospitals in Lesotho, Motebang General Hospital where I am filling a similar role here as I do back home when I am on the wards in Boston. Again, this is a loose definition. And, the truth is, I am still trying to figure out exactly what that role is. I am here through a program called LeBoHA (Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance). I work under two American family medicine doctors: Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura. I will also be working under some Basotho physicians. Alright. Phew. That’s the basics.

To be continued!


One thought on “Greeting from Lesotho, the Kingdom in the Sky!

  1. Anna!! Thanks so much for posting this. LOVE to hear your humor come through. Keep posting! Can’t wait to hear firsthand all about it when you get back! HUGS!! Colleen

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