March (Marathon) Madness

If you can give the height of the Green Monster in inches AND centimeters and plan to name your firstborn Yaz Auerbach, I am the kind of sports fan you hate. No, I don’t own a pink hat. But I do live in the city famous for such legendary sports franchises as the Cowles Cup-winning NEW ENGLAND RIPTIDE and have STILL been known to ask how many more yards the shortstop has to bowl before we go into sudden death. My love of sports is primarily based in my affinity for soft pretzels, montages, and movies about ultimately triumphant underdogs.

Sure are

Given all this, I felt like a little bit of a poser using March Madness as this month’s marathon email theme. But THEN I got offered a ticket to my first Celtics game ever, and thus, blanket justification for all the basketball metaphors I can cram into one post! (What’s that you say? March Madness is the NCAA, not NBA? Oh hush.) So put on your giant foam finger, grab some extra mustard, and let’s get to montagin’.

My favorite part of March madness coverage is the Cinderella story. I’ve always identified with Cinderella on a personal, lady-who-loses-things to lady-who-loses-things level; but since joining TEAM, I can identify with Cinderella on the NCAA tournament cliche level, too.

It's so easy to lose your wallet in all the frippery!

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call us a ragtag bunch of misfits (my second favorite sports cliche!), we are a somewhat unlikely group of marathon runners. What I’m saying is, nobody’s going to put money on us against my man Cheruiyot. What we lack in sub-4-minute miles, Adidas sponsorships, and Kenyan birth certificates, however, we more than make up for in GUMPTION. We have an eccentric leader (that would be Sarad, Kelly), a perfectly montage-able training season (running through snowstorms and adversity! wacky, light-hearted moments courtesy of Richard’s costumes and John’s post-run Doritos consumption!), and come April 19th, we get our own chance at the Big Dance.

Actual TEAM photo

So come on sports fans. Who doesn’t like to root for the underdog? We’ve raised just over $620,000, but we’re shooting for at least $750,000 raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by our May deadline. Please consider making a donation to help get us closer to our goal!

Love and a 3-pointer from the 50-yard line,



One thought on “March (Marathon) Madness

  1. You are too much, Cait! Great writing as usual. We thought we saw a pocket deep in the folds of Cinderella’s skirt 🙂

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