Find Me!

Are you going to be in Boston on Monday? Do you want to see me run by in a blaze of pink, purple, and blue bedazzled glory? Here’s how!

My bib number is 15349. Sign up to get text alerts for when I cross the start and every 5k here:

I’m starting in Wave 2 at 10:30, which means I should be crossing the line any time between 10:35 and 10:45. I’m hoping to run about an 8 minute mile, so you can figure out how long it’ll take me to get to whatever mile you’re watching at! I’ll be wearing my patented, eye-searing purple singlet/pink shorts combo, so I should be pretty easy to spot.

See you out there!!!


Thanks, TEAM

On Monday, when I hit Mile 20, I will remember what it feels like to run up Heartbreak with my legs not totally destroyed, surrounded by my teammates, listening to John talk about his latest ridiculous dinner.

Paying homage

Ladies, All the Ladies…Louder Now, Help Me Out

In one week, I will be running my fifth Boston Marathon. Over the past five years, the roads between Hopkinton and Boston have seen me through a lot. In fact, just about the only thing that’s been a more constant presence in my life are my ladyfriends.

This year in particular has been full of Big Events – going to Ghana, starting grad school, and learning to blow-dry my hair at the age of 27, just to name a few. The fact that I’ve come out on the other side only one or two wallets the worse for wear is due entirely to the ministrations of an incredible group of women. Over the past year they have given me, in no particular order: advice, beer, pancake mix, the world’s most comfortable couch, the world’s most comfortable daybed, an extra set of keys, this, hugs, rides, and most importantly, strength and inspiration when I find myself at a loss (often literally). Next Monday I know I’ll be relying on them once again, to get me through this Big Event like they have so many others.

For instance, I always go out too fast. But this year, when I catch myself running at a wholly unsustainable pace, I will hear Erica’s voice in my head saying, as she always does when I’m hurtling towards disaster, “Whoa. I’m concerned,” and I’ll slow it down. When I hit the bleak stretch between Miles 6 and 9 in Framingham, I’ll imagine Meredith and Carly keeping things lively, step-touch body-rolling down the road beside me.

I wasn't allowed to post the video of Carly's Christmas freestyle (with Mer beatboxing backup) but trust. These ladies know how to break it down.

Natick is where I get over the nervousness and start settling into my pace, so I will think of Kelly, whose endless patience, advice, and insanely comfortable couch helped get me over my nervousness and make Ghana a place I could settle into. And hearing the screams of our Wellesley Seven Sisterfriends at Mile 12 always reminds me of the Vassar girls whose friendships fundamentally shaped who I am today (in particular, my ladylike manners).

The very picture of refinement

At Mile 15, I’ll pass my TEAM water stop and see the wives and sisters and mothers and daughters, volunteers and survivors, whose strength inspires me every weekend. When I start on the hills at Mile 17, I’ll need a pick-me-up. So I’ll think of Lauren, who has picked up my physical self and my spirits more times than I can count this past year. Heartbreak Hill has been JA’s ever since the first year I ran, when this girl I’d just met showed up waving a sign the size of Texas and screaming her similarly Texas-sized heart out.

Lauren & JA, ladychamps both

When I start to feel the miles adding up in Cleveland Circle, I’ll draw on the grit of the women who I am blessed to share a gene pool with. Would Aunt Julie let that drunk BC kid cut her off? No she certainly would not. And I know Mom’s got enough OMs to get my karma back where it should be after I clothesline him. At Mile 23 I will see Micaela, perennial cheerleader, whose unconditional support will help bring me home like she herself has so many times, driving me back across the river back to Cambridge after a polenta night.

Mile 24 is when I start to montage, and so I will think of Laura, montage connoisseur. She has also always had the magical ability to turn every unpleasant moment into a hilarious sitcom misunderstanding, so I will imagine how she is going to screenwrite my fisticuffs with an exuberant Kenmore Square spectator into something that doesn’t involve tears or the police.

The last mile I will, of course, think of Anna. I never would have joined Team in Training if it hadn’t been for her (and perhaps the extensive selection of beers at Sunset). She has gotten me from the start to the finish of six marathons and a thousand crises large and small in between, and I just don’t know what I would do without her.

❤ My feelings in emoticon ❤

Thank you, ladies, for taking care of me as I wobble through life, trailing important belongings behind me. You are the reason I’m going to make it to the starting line, and it is thinking of you that will get me to the finish. I love you!

Unsung Heroes

We have Honored Heroes on Team in Training – we wear their names on our singlets, dedicate our runs to them every week, and it is with them in mind that we get out there every Saturday.

There are also, however, the Unsung Heroes. These folks are the only way I would actually physically get out there every Saturday. So, as much as a blog post can be a thank you, consider this one a thank you to the following awesome, awesome people:


In the VERY ACT of driving us

Ever since kickoff in November, our TEAM-mate Tim has driven Anna, me, or the both of us to Wellesley on Saturdays. This means he has, at various times: waited patiently while we (having overslept our alarm) scrambled around frantically putting pants on inside-out; patiently refused to eat the leftover pizza I’d dropped on the floor and then brought him as a…birthday present?; listened patiently to every detail of our lives from medical procedures to blow-drying instructions; and rolled his eyes patiently when I insisted on scanning the radio for Taylor Swift for a solid 45 minutes. (In addition to being an all-around awesome dude, Tim is a patient man.) Thank you, Tim!


Kelly, Joe, and Caroline

TNT in a nutshell

Kelly is one of our two coaches (Sarad was, I believe, doubling back for the fifteenth time to make sure no one was still out on the course at the time of this photo) and has answered more questions about bowel movements and clothing choices from grown adults than any one human being should ever have to. Thank you, Kelly! (And are you SURE long-sleeves are the best option for me on Marathon Monday?)

Joe is one of our volunteer captains, and thus responsible for the stocking and manning of every water stop all season. If you’ve ever seen a TNT water stop (laden with at least 10 kinds of snacks and Gatorade warmed to a freeze-resistant temp), you know this is no easy task. Thank you, Joe!

Caroline is our team coordinator. Although her primary responsibility is probably trying to get me to fill out an important form in a timely fashion (one day, Caroline, one day soon!), she does EVERYTHING. She gets our singlets, our registrations, our post-marathon hotel rooms, and our free post-marathon massages. Thank you, Caroline!

The Maugus Staff

Greek Goddess of Free Refills

The Maugus Restaurant is almost directly across from the TNT starting point at the Wellesley Community Center, and thus sees a LOOOOOT of post-run traffic. They graciously move tables around to accommodate the spandexed herds, refill coffee with lightning speed, and make a mean Greek salad/turkey club with sweet potato fries/hot chocolate/oatmeal (and there you have our table’s standard order every Saturday). Thank you, Maugus!

The Maugus Sweet Potato Fries

I mean, just LOOK at them

Did I mention the sweet potato fries? Thanks again to Tim for letting me steal one off his plate every Saturday.

Taking Taper Seriously