Highlights from the Off-Season

I just got my Team in Training official acceptance letter Thursday, which means that soon enough I’ll be flooding your inbox, Facebook feed, and carrier pigeon roost with marathon updates. To keep you occupied while I work up the cardio base and inspiration to do so, here are some (mostly running-related) Highlights from the Off-Season!


  • Boston 2010: I qualify with a time of 3:31:17 and only ONE unpleasant incident with a spectator.


  • Twist & Shout on the Charles 4-Miler: Anna, Kira and I trounce a motley assortment of ex-boyfriends and bad dates. Sub-7-minute miles are the best revenge, gentlemen.


  • Conor gets married!!! Deschenes-Desmond Danceoffs ensue.
  • Anna moved to Chattanooga and we said goodbye the same way we mark all major life transitions. With a run.
  • Boston 13.1: I run the most ill-advised race of my life; a 6:00 am half-marathon an hour drive away the day after a bar crawl through Jamaica Plain. I resisted the urge to nap in a PortAJohn, saw Pryz in the parking lot, and bagged myself two pounds’ worth of free cheese samples, so I’d consider it a wild success.
Dance-offs are the BEST way to cement a lifetime together.
Welcome home, Anna










  • July went by in a blur of classes and consulting project. My most athletic endeavor was my struggle to the death with the principles of corporate finance.


  • Ditto. Although I did have one magical 3-miler on the La Quinta Inn – Stamford’s treadmill.


  • Reach the Beach: 200 miles with a van full of TNT alum? What could be better??? I ran 8 miles by the light of a full moon, slept a peaceful 3 hours under a ficus in a voc-tec high school, and laughed at each and every one of Steph’s brilliant animal puns. The ones about the ducks really quacked me up.



Well, that brings us about up to speed! I’ll be in touch with more pointed requests for funding soon, so set your spam filters now. It’s good to be back!


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