Fall of Fame Inductees

If you’ve been reading my email updates for the past 6 years – or if you’ve just seen me wobbling my way down the sidewalks of Cambridge – you know that for me, running means hitting the pavement in the most literal of ways. For some reason (probably my tendency to ignore oncoming traffic/sidewalk cracks), it’s utterly impossible for me to make it through a season without taking a solid digger. I’ve come to embrace it, and so in that spirit, I present my top 3 nominees for CAITLIN’S FALL(s) OF FAME!!!

1. My first and favorite fall of marathon training. I went down hard and barrel-rolled through Natick Center, but it was all in the service of high-fiving Lucy. I’d do it again in a second.

Taking one for the TEAM

2. Unfortunately undocumented, one of my finest falls took place last February on the sidewalk outside Wellesley. Mid-conversation with Anna I slipped on the ice and went into a literal tailspin. I’m pretty practiced at the palm-knee prop-up, but that right-side tush hit with a 360-degree spin is one of my proudest moments.

3. Last year’s season started off with a bang (or a muffled “WHAOOAAHHHCH”) when, in the last mile of an 8-mile long run at home, I switched to my psych-up song. Actually, let’s take a moment to set the scene.

Makes you want to just put on your unitard and rev it UP, amirite??? Having been sufficiently psyched, I started to pick up the pace – unfortunately, my feet did not follow suit. I ate it 20 seconds in.  Here’s the gory result:

Fall on meeee, fall on me, fall on meeee

I’m pretty sure, given the state of the Wellesley sidewalks these days, that more Fall of Fame-worthy slip-ups are in my future. So keep an eye out and a Bandaid handy!


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