Et Tu, Brutal Headwinds?

I thought I’d throw the Ides of March a little love, since it tends to get lost in all the Pi and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Plus, the vagaries of a New England winter has got me channeling Caesar big-time (at least in terms of the wounded betrayal bit. I’m still working on that conquest of Gaul).

Do you remember, back in February, when we had those two gorgeous days of sunshine and near-60s temps? Oh, New

The 'noog, where dreams and warmth reside

England weather and I were the best of friends then. I cranked up the Keith Urban and pretended I was back in Tennessee, land of maple-bacon donuts and Royers. I only wore two hoodies instead of my standard three. It was glorious. AND THEN. Like a knife in the back – or a 30 mph wind in the front – we were once again on the wrong side of freezing. At one point during a particularly trying 13 mile run, I actually stopped, stamped my foot on the ground, and yelled “SERIOUSLY??????”

It could be the awful weather, the looming thesis deadline (*nervous laugh*), or the increasing mileage, but I’ve been feeling particularly woe-is-me lately. And so, of course,  I looked to TNT for inspiration that would turn my frown upside-down. I think I found it during my 18 mile run in the company of Team in Training’s answer to Chuck Norris, John Sganga. You see, John eats, sleeps and breathes pure awesome. He LOVES cold. He LOVES hills. He LOVES mile repeats. John doesn’t see those things as hardships – he sees them as Opportunities For Awesome.

John in Awesome Action

Now there are certainly days where I don’t feel quite up to following in John’s awesome, grilled-cheese-&-chocolate-cruller-pounding footsteps (seriously, I’m fairly certain his caloric intake defies the laws of physics) but luckily my Team is FULL of role models for taking on adversity with panache. Laurie stands out in the cold every weekend handing out gummy bears and has never ONCE (to my knowledge) cursed out a runner for complaining that the Gatorade is too cold – she just smiles and asks how our legs feel. Or take Mark, whose reaction to near decapitation by sheet metal on the day of my wind-induced histrionics was a good-natured chortle. And then, most obviously, there are the people we run with and for, who have found incredible strength in the face of a devastating diagnosis. Temperature tantrums can only last so long when you’re surrounded by so many examples of resilience.

Surrounded by resilience, purple, and enough BodyGlide to slip'n'slide to Copley

Of course, no list of awesome would be complete without you, gentle readers. your admirable stoicism in the face of my terrible seasonal puns and willingness to donate year after year are pretty mind-blowingly awesome. I think even John would be impressed 🙂 So looking for another Opportunity For Awesome? Grab yourself a Big n’ Toasty and sidle on up to the link:

Love wrapped in a toga of AWESOME,



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