And On The 7th Year, She Rested

JUUUUUST KIDDING. Obviously, I am back in black (spandex) and ready to fundraise for my 7th Boston Marathon with Team in Training!

Every year, I think it’s impossible for me to get more excited at kickoff. Certainly last year, which featured FREE AND UNLIMITED coffee from Dunkin Donuts, set a highly caffeinated bar. But yesterday morning, fueled by a solitary cup, I could not have been happier.

Yes, we’re missing some familiar faces this year. Tim’s off to that great accounting firm in the sky (er…the Midwest), and Steph’s decided that training for ONE marathon at a time just isn’t challenging enough. But that’s the beauty of Team in Training. You never LOSE a runner, you just gain a water stop volunteer. Every year we welcome a herd of new folks, and my TNT family (and the number of people I feel comfortable discussing the relative cleanliness of my socks with) gets bigger.

This year in particular, I am really looking forward to my Saturday morning dose of sock-talk and inspiration. You see, I just started working from home. Everyone I tell about it is jealous, and I have to admit, not having to chase down the 57 bus every morning is pretty sweet. But you guys, the other day I actually thought to myself “Well I’m leaving the house. Time to put on my dress sweatpants.” I clearly need some exposure to other people before I start shuffling around Brighton in slippers, trapping the unsuspecting Kiki’s clerk into conversation about my toenail-clipping schedule just to get my daily dose of human interaction.

Pajama Jeans just found their target demographic

Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure Team in Training is the best place for remembering how to put on real pants. Or have socially appropriate conversations. But at least I’m in good company! Everyone I see on Saturdays is on the same oversharing-about-bodily-functions page. And what’s more, every year we hear from more people whose stories about their reason for running remind me that there’s a world outside my midday kitchen dance parties. Wearing spandex for a cause somehow feels better than wearing spandex just because.

Our team raised over $100k before the season even STARTED. I’ll bet my favorite lululemon leggings that this is a year we hit a mil. But to do that, I need your help! My goal this year is to raise the charity runner minimum of $4,000. As always, donations of any amount or kind are welcome and the first to donate gets the baked good of your choice.

Love and lycra,