Tuesday Track Recap: 3x1200s

On Tuesdays, TNT holds a track workout at Tufts. Despite the fact that the whole reason I started running marathons is to avoid speedwork (it’s 26 miles! who cares how fast you go??), track workouts have actually become one of my favorite parts of training. This is probably because of the burritos.


1 mile warmup

3×1200 (that’s 3 laps around for those keeping track at home)

1 mile cooldown


4:55, 5:00, 4:54

So, how’d that feel?

Like jogging up 10 flights of stairs in the middle of an asthma attack after a trip to the Chinese food buffet.

Post-Run Stretch HOT TOPIC:

Just how fat IS Brendan’s sister’s boyfriend’s cat?

Answer: about this fat

Featured Burrito

Directly after practice we head to Anna’s Taqueria, land of wonder and guacamole, to  eat a Nancy Clark-approved burrito. Much to the dismay of new guy behind the counter, I went off-menu on Tuesday (or maybe more accurately, all-menu). After a few futile attempts to wrestle my chicken-verde-veggie-guacamole into place, a senior burrito wrangler was called in for the assist. Lesson learned – ALWAYS supersize.

The Chicken-Ranchero-Veggie-Guac-Supreme

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