Tuesday Track Recap: I Heart Hill Repeats

Since I am currently en route to scenic Newark NJ for work, I figured I’d get my cardio vicariously by reliving last Tuesday’s track workout. (Oh, you didn’t think I’d skip practice on Valentine’s Day, did you? There is no truer love than that which I have for tacos and TEAM).



1 mile warm-up (complete with pavement slide, as I tripped over a sidewalk crack in my rush to catch up with everyone)

3 x 1.8 mile loops of the hills around Tufts


So, how’d that feel? 

Surprisingly good, actually. The hill loops include enough recovery to give you a fighting chance at holding a conversation, and in the company of Caitlyn Bintz, 6 miles flew by.  (“In the Company of Caitlins” is, by the way, the working title of my memoir).

The higher the knees the better the workout, that's what I've always said


Post-Run Stretch HOT TOPIC

Is eating at Anna’s every Tuesday night a part of a fiscally responsible budgeting strategy? I’m no financial advisor, but considering that ordering LITERALLY THE ENTIRE MENU costs only $250 I’m going to say yes.

Featured Burrito

…was actually a taco plate. I put myself in a steak and chicken verde taco love triangle, and chicken verde won out (in romcom terms, it was my Colin Firth).

Whenever the anthropomorphizing of my food gets too creepy, you guys just let me know

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