Take a knee.

As you may have heard, Monday is the marathon. (It is also projected to be somewhere in the 80s BUT THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, WEATHERMAN-SADIST PETE BOUCHARD). The past few days, our TEAM Facebook page has been lighting up every three seconds as people share conflicting forecasts, spectating tips, and the best place to apply BodyGlide (PRO TIP: everywhere. Yes, even there). It’s funny – its the first time all season that we’re going to be running on our own, but I’ve never felt so much like I’m part of a team.

My BodyGlide strategy, in essence

Marathoning may seem like the quintessential lone wolf sport, but not the way we do it. Which is great because whatever the opposite of a lone wolf is? That’s me. I’m more like a border collie, running around frantically herding everyone into one big circle.

My natural inclination towards group activities can sometimes go a bit overboard – see: my attempt to cram everyone into the same compartment of a revolving door – but honestly, there’s


no better way to experience the marathon. If I forget for a second just how freaking cool it is to be running THE Boston marathon, all I have to do is talk to my teammates who are doing it for the first time. if I plunge into misanthropy and despair after being offered a Solo cup of lukewarm High Life at BC, all I have to do is think of the cold drafts and war stories waiting at the team victory party Tuesday. And if the worst happens and I totally bonk in a 90 degree heatwave? Well, first I will curse the name of Pete Bouchard. And then I will think about the names on my singlet, and on my teammates’ singlets, and remember that no matter how slowly I’m running, I’m running with them.

And you! Even if I’m not suffering heatstroke-induced hallucinations in which you actually appear, you’ll all be with me as I run. I am so grateful for the donations that allow me to be a part of this team. I hope you feel a part of it too (if you don’t, I’m happy to call you up and discuss hydration strategy until you do).

Okay, one last pitch. We are SO CLOSE to the $1 million goal. Would you deprive Sarad and Kelly of the chance to take it out in a million $1 bills and make it rain in Natick? No, of course you wouldn’t. You know what to do:

If you’d like to track me on Monday, here are the deets! I’m number 14335, starting at 10:20. Im not even going to venture a guess as to my pace, but you can track me on the Boston Marathon website, which will miraculously transform in to a Caitlin Finding Machine on April 16th. If you’re on the course, look for purple and give a holler!





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