Heartbreak Gets A Bad Rap

(Not to be confused with this rap about heartbreak, which is EXCELLENT)

But first, I promised to tell you about my best bruise yet. A couple weeks ago, I was running in Harvard Square when I tripped over a bicycle wheel and landed flat on my ass. You guys, I wish I could show you how intense this bruise is but there’s just no way to take an appropriate picture. Believe me, I’ve tried – my phone is full of blurry half-shots of my butt. Just know that it’s been called spectacular by at least one senior citizen at early morning lap swim (the bruise, not my behind, though I’d like to think both qualify).

Having half my leg covered in a bruise has done some wacky things to my IT band, so I’ve been sidelined for the past week (my entire Google search history at this point consists of various permutations of “IT band” “ibuprofen”, and “foam rolling”). My non-running hours haven’t been ENTIRELY filled with panic-Googling and daily ice baths, however. They’ve also been filled with more love than I could have imagined. The emails and calls I’ve gotten from you all; getting to cheerlead for my delightfulineveryway mentees; soaking up every last second of training on my first Saturday as a water stop volunteer – it’s enough to make my heart do the jumping jacks my IT band can’t handle.

The extraordinary pain and loss that brings people to Team in Training can break your heart wide open. But you would not believe how much love can crowd into that empty space. It was devastating to lose Fulvio this fall, but those of us who knew him helped each other get through it, and we’ve shared his memory and tried to live up to his example with our teammates who didn’t. I know it’s true for me, and I’ve seen it be true for so many other people – Team in Training is where you go to heal your heart.

Heart? In great shape. Tailbone? Well, that's another story.
Heart? In great shape. Tailbone? Well, that’s another story.

That’s why I think TNT runners run Heartbreak so well on marathon day – we’ve been though it already. We’ve put each other back together. And we’ve come out on the other side with hearts that have grown at LEAST three sizes (<3 u, Max).

Oh goodness – another marathon season, another 10-page email. Well thank you, friends, for reading through it all. I am grateful for you beyond measure. HOWEVER, if you would like to TRY to measure it, let’s agree on a system of sweaty hugs that will be handed out by #22078 on marathon day. $265 and 26.2 miles to go! Track me hereDonate, if you are so inclined, here. And see you on the other side of Heartbreak, blowing kisses like a maniac.

Love from my fifth ice bath of the day,


What do the NCAA and I have in common?

A) A warehouse full of giant foam “WE’RE NUMBER ONE” fingers

B) An affinity for montages

C) My mother’s undying affection

D) A lot of people throwing money at us in MarchYou'd better believe it

ANSWER: Working on A, definitely B, C only if you answer to Geno Auriemma, and giant foam fingers crossed for D!

I’ve got $1,500 to go before the marathon. My goal is to raise $1,000 in March (I figure I can panhandle the rest – I’ve been working on a softshoe routine to a medley of Kelly Clarkson songs that’ll KILL at South Station).

I only need to raise $33 a day to make it, which is like two sports venue beers and a soft pretzel. I’m already $125 of the the way there! Can you help?