October Updates

Hello dearhearts! How are you all? Enjoying the crisp fall weather? Buried under a landslide of hand-picked apples? Drowning in pumpkin lattes?

I figured I would ease my way into my annual assault on your inboxes with a quick round of CRITICAL LIFE UPDATES for the third quarter. In ascending order of importance:

3. I am learning football! I know enough to understand that the Pats win yesterday was a major victory, but to be honest I was more focused on my own personal victory of correctly identifying a running back.

It's one of these guys, I know
Is it YOU, Turk??

2. I’ve been training over the summer, and next Sunday I’ll be running the Baystate Marathon in Lowell with some of my Boston teammates. If you’re around and up for some spectating, let me know! Either way, send up some good vibes. I’m going to try to run a qualifying time (or at the very least stay on my feet for the entire race), and I could certainly use some help with both.

1. I got my official acceptance to the 2014 Boston Marathon team. This year is going to be something else, you guys. I’ll be filling you in in great detail over the coming months so I’ll spare you now, but I am trying to raise $1,000 by kickoff on December 14th. Last year you helped me get to $500 in two weeks, and my personalized-haiku skills have only improved, so I think we’re in good shape!

You are the best. Love you more than Martha Stewart loves hand-crafted seasonal centerpieces.

GIlded Corn
One of the TWENTY-SEVEN fall centerpieces on offer at MarthaStewart.com