My November Project

What would you guys say my top 3 favorite things are? Hugs? Yes. Running? Obviously. Ignition (Remix), hoodies, and bros are all acceptable answers for #3 (although bros in hoodies singing R Kelly would be the most correct).

Well IMAGINE MY DELIGHT when a TEAMmate introduced me to the November Project.

(Go ahead. Watch that video. Take 30 minutes to get your heart rate back down and we’ll continue.) Running AND hugs, led by someone whose name is honest-to-god BROgan? I mean, come on. I was all-in from the start. Plus, it seemed like a great way to get ready for Baystate.

Two months of stadium stairs, hill repeats, and pushups (so. many. pushups) later, I am in possession of at least one ab and a qualifying time for Boston 2015. I’m pretty sure that when we kick off our Boston training season on December 14th, I’ll be starting in the best shape of my life.

Developing an ab! Right then and there!
Developing an ab! Right then and there!

But we all know there’s more to Team in Training than the running. The reason I keep coming back every year isn’t to test out new Gu flavors – it’s the sense of community. The November Project has been great for my legs, but I want to make sure my heart is just as ready to welcome every new TEAM member.

So for the month of November, I’m going to do something that, quite frankly, scares me more than 100 burpees. I’m going to make it a point to shake off my nervousness and start a conversation with at least one new person every day. I’ve already made one stranger uncomfortable this morning so I think we’re off to a great start!

You guys, I think he DOES

November 1st is a pretty special day. Besides the start of my own personal Stranger Danger campaign, it’s the birthday of three of my biggest friend-making role models: the November Project, James Miller (whose father I run for), and my dad, whose inability to leave a grocery store with fewer than 5 new friends is legendary. In honor of these three, and to help me get to my goal of raising $1,000 by December 14th, I would love if you would consider donating:

  • $30 – A dollar for every year that the inimitable James Miller has been upping our gross national delightfulness.
  • $37 – A dollar for every section of stadium stairs I wheeze up on Wednesdays.
  • $60 – A dollar for every year that my dad has been making the world’s checkout lines a friendlier place.

Happy November, you guys! Get out there and hold some uncomfortably long eye contact.