The 200 Best Friends That Anybody Could Have

Three days til kickoff and you guys, I can. not. wait. Why? Well yes, I am excited to get back to asking rhetorical questions of you patient and generous readers. And yes, I am looking forward to trying to beat my previous course record from 70 Harriet to the Wellesley Community Center doorstep (15.5 fast and furious minutes). But mostly, I’m looking forward to meeting my 200 new best friends.

Last year was my first as a mentor, and boy, did I luck out. Look at these kids. Look at their gorgeous mugs.

At our last TEAM practice in April
At our last TEAM practice in April

Our friendships with each other were developed over months of runs, potlucks, and UNIVERSALLY POPULAR reply-all email chains. And while I can’t speak for them (mentor privileges do not yet extend to power-of-attorney) the depth of those friendships, and the generosity of their love, absolutely takes my breath away. They let me into their lives, they embraced each other and the concept of the post-run brunch wholeheartedly, and they even agreed to train for ANOTHER marathon with me. My life is vastly better for knowing them.

Six months later, friendships and hoodies are still going strong
Six months later, friendships and hoodies are still going strong

As special as this particular group of ducklings* is to me, I know that with a 200-plus person team this year will be even better: our friendships will only get stronger, our brunch tables bigger, and the money we can raise will increase exponentially.

Team in Training radiates love. The love and support we give to each other as runners carries over into the love and support we can provide to patients and families. But for that we need your love, your support, and your donations. Can you help me hit the $1,000 mark by Saturday?

Love over-easy with a side of bacon,


*Akash I know you are a 33-year-old man and I do not apologize for calling you a duckling