Photoshopping for Fun and Profit

As previously documented, I have a LOT of time on my hands in taper. So what better to spend it on than creating absurd fundraising incentives designed to appeal to – at most – 5 of my friends and loved ones!

For any donation received now through April 21st, I will Photoshop (okay okay okay, MS Paint copy and paste) a picture of you with songbird, national anthem aspirant, and Italian Hero Sandwich of Love Robert Kelly!


How many questions could there possibly be about photoshopping me and R Kelly together? 

More than you’d imagine. READ ON, FRIEND.

What if I already donated? 

Donate again! I will do this for literally one dollar. Clumsy MS Paint hackjobs are one of my greatest joys.

How will you get a picture of me? 

My ability to Facebook creep far exceeds my Photoshop skills. It’s about time I put it to good use!

Can I choose my R Kelly picture? 

If you have one in mind, absolutely! However, I just started following R on Instagram and I would STRONGLY recommend you allowing me to select from that absurdly-hatted goldmine.

Do I really want to donate for this?

Well, take a look at the ever-growing gallery below and YOU tell ME:


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