SPORTS! Marathon Block Pool

As you may remember, I dedicated the fall of 2013 to learning about SPORTS – specifically football – so I could do something during my bro-friends’ conversations about fantasy leagues besides stare into the middle distance pondering ways to dismantle the patriarchy. While I would not consider it an UNQUALIFIED success, I did pick up on this whole  “block pool” idea, and decided to apply  it to a sport I actually understand!

Here’s how this is going to work (shoutout to Zac for SPORTS-related mentoring!)


We’ve got a 10×10 grid with each block costing $10. The blocks will be broken into ranges for half and full marathon times, based on my most recent races.

  • Half-marathon time: 1:40:00-1:54:59, with each row assigned a 90 second interval
  • Marathon time: 3:26:00-3:55:59, with each column assigned a 180 second interval

Marathon Block Pool


  • $500 of the proceeds go to the LLS, $500 will go to the winners.
  • There will be 19 total winners.
  • 18 winners receive $20 each
    • The entire row of the correct half marathon time range will win $20 each ($200 total)
    • The entire column of the correct full marathon time range will win $20 each ($200 total)
  • The block that contains the winning range for the both the full and half times will win the final $100 ($140 total)


  • Zac’s going to administer this whole process so I can’t play favorites and screw with the results (if you think I’m capable of speeding up/slowing down/simple arithmetic while running, you have more faith in me than I do, but we’ll do this to be safe)
  • In the event that I finish before the low time, the lowest time range will win (and I will be ONE HAPPY CAMPER)
  • In the event that I finish after the high time, the highest time range will win (and I’ll have just had that much more time to appreciate every inch of the course)

HOOOOOOO BOY you guys that was a lot more logistics than I typically like to include in my lunch hour. But it’s all for a good cause! If you’d like to buy squares, you can PayPal me ( or give me straight cash money the next time you see me. Since this is for the marathon, deadline is obviously pre-April 21st. Let’s get to SPORTIN’!


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