Week 2 Training Recap

Week 2 of the Schmanson Plan is IN THE BOOKS! Before we dive in, a quick note on how I’ll set these up. I’ll do Monday – Sunday, since my brain is used to adding up mileage that way, and put the distance/pace I’m supposed to do for each day in bold. What I ACTUALLY end up doing will be below in italics (you’ll be able to tell because I wrote “Actual” in front of it. Ehhhhh??). This week and next will look a little wacky because of traveling, but ideally there won’t be too much difference between the two. Let’s see how it went, shall we?


Monday (Track) – 12 x 400 @ 1:40, 400 recovery between laps

Actual: 1:36, 1:41, 1:38, 1:37, 1:38, 1:37, 1:38, 1:34, 1:37, 1:38, 1:40, 1:34 (10.5 miles total)

You’d think having this stuck in my head for all 24 laps would have helped me really dial in my cadence, but my splits were all over the place. Still, I’m happy with a 1:37 average!


Tuesday (Easy) – 6 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: 6 miles @ 8:40 (with a break at the gym to benchpress and glower at the dude occupying 8 exercise stations simultaneously)

Since Tuesdays and Thursdays are shorter runs, I try to fit some verrrry rudimentary strength training in on those days. I’ll do a 4.5 mile run that ends at my gym, lift for ~30 minutes, and run home.


Wednesday (Tempo): 9 miles, 6 @ 7:40

Actual: 9.2 miles, 6 @ 7:27

My goal for these runs is to eventually be able to just go by feel, instead of reminding myself constantly that I need to be RUNNING FAST. Part of the problem is that I don’t run with a GPS watch, so to calculate my pace I try to remember how many minutes it took me to get to a random crack in the sidewalk along the Charles last week and I inevitably choose the wrong sidewalk crack, or forget to carry a 1, leading me to believe I’ve been running an 11 minute mile and need to sprint to make up for it. Next week, I’m going to figure out where the 2- and 4-mile benchmarks are BEFORE I start running so I can check my pace at those.


Thursday (Easy) – 6 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: 6 miles @ 9:28 (4.5, gym, 1.5)

I have a feeling Thursdays are going to be on the slow side. I’m not too stressed about hitting my target pace for easy runs, especially early on in training when my body is getting used to doing track and tempo runs in quick succession.


Friday (Easy): 6 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: 6.75 miles @ 10:28 (2 full hill repeats + 2 jaunts up and down the Summit Path stairs)

I’ve been going to November Project sporadically for a few years now. The workouts will beat you UP so I tend to back off during marathon training, but there is nothing like doing repeats up Summit Ave to make Heartbreak look like a heart-piece-of-cake (oof. sorry.) Besides, it meant I got to hug George Street Alumni and transcendent beauty Kori Kindya. How she manages to make running (and trashcans) look so glamorous at 6:30 in the morning is a mystery to me, but I certainly do appreciate basking in the glow.



Saturday (Easy): 8 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: Rest Day


Well, active rest if you count the number of times I got up to refill my wine glass. There really is no place like home for the holidays!


Sunday (Easy): Rest Day

Actual: 2.5 miles @ 9:22

I’d done pretty long runs early in the week, and I don’t want to jump up in mileage too quickly, so I just ran whatever would get me close to the Week 2 plan total.  It was also convenient in that my parent’s house is on top of a ridge and 1.25 miles is the most I can run in any given direction without involving a hill.




HOW’RE WE DOING: Well, everything hurts but nothing hurts BADLY, so I think it’s going okay! I’ve been hitting all my paces with time to spare, so now it’s just a matter of trying to make that happen with less panic-driven sprinting. Stay tuned next week to see how that, and my attempt to fit in an “easy” run up the side of a ski mountain, goes!


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