Week 4 Training Recap

Hey buddies! Before we get started yes, thank you so much, it IS my monthiversary with the Schmanson Plan (I believe the monthiversary is Gu, if you’re looking to get any gifts). I wouldn’t say we’re in the honeymoon phase, per se, but my legs are still attached to my body so it’s still looking pretty rosy, all things considered.

I hit a roadblock this week in the form of a mayyyybe stomach bug, but one of the best lessons I’ve learned over the past 12 years of running is how to chill the eff out when I miss a few miles . So while I ended up a little short of my weekly mileage goal, I’m feeling good about where I’m at. Let’s see how it went!

Monday (Track) – 6 x 800 @ 3:20, 400 recovery between laps

Actual: 3:17, 3:16, 3:21, 3:21, 3:19, 3:20 (9 miles total)

For those of you keeping track, Monday was January 2nd, which is one day after New Year’s Day, which is not QUITE enough time to feel fully refreshed after 3 days of drinking wine like a disenchanted royal on Game of Thrones. It also didn’t help that on our drive back from Sunday River that morning I polished off an entire box of wasabi soy sauce Triscuits. But I got out to the track when we got home anyway, and I’m going to go ahead and call it as my top accomplishment of 2017.


It felt terrible, of course, but I was still able to hit most of my splits (and avoid hitting any of the gaggle of BMX biking youths charging down the straights).


Tuesday (Easy) – 6 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: 6 miles @ 9:00 

One of the benefits of living close to the course is that I get to run Heartbreak whenever I want. By the time we get to April I’ve covered it forwards and backwards dozens of times, and although there’s really no way to prepare for the smell of the Sausage Cart at Mile 20, I’ve gotten my body ready for just about everything else. As a bonus, hills are also an excellent way to make sure I stick to my easy run pace!


Wednesday (Tempo): 9 miles, 6 @ 7:40

Actual: NOPE

There’s been a stomach bug tearing through town, and I woke up feeling queasy to texts confirming that the two people I share the most airtime with had been felled by it, so I held off on a run. Instead, I set about letting any lurking virus know I wasn’t scared by eating whatever wholly inappropriate foods I could find (fish curry, green apples, three-week-old bacon, ETCET). The “don’t let it smell your fear” approach seems to have worked, because all of the food I put in my body stayed there.


Thursday (Easy) – 6 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: Also nope. 

Warding off a stomach bug through sheer power of will takes a lot out of you.


Friday (Easy): 8 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: Tempo – 6 miles @ 7:35, 9.2 miles total 

Two rest days and 18 hours of sleep later, I was ready to tackle this week’s tempo run. And aside from the 17 impromptu tap numbers brought on by black ice patches, it felt GREAT.

Up and down the Charles

The rest probably played a big part in it, but I think my legs are also finally getting used to running this tempo which means my brain can go on its usual meander instead of keeping up a constant stream of “Run faster run faster run FASTER.”


Saturday (Easy): 8 miles @ 8:45-9:15

Actual: 10 miles @ 8:35


Oh my gosh, it is SO NICE to run with other people. This was my first TEAM run since early kickoff, and only the second I’ve done with any kind of company, and with actual conversational partners 10 miles felt like a spin around the block. So yes, blah blah blah training, but let’s get to the important stuff.

First, puppies. One of our new teammates brought this lil buddy to waterstop for us. His Gatorade pour could use some work, but he gets an A+ in the morale boosting department.

This is a REAL LIVE DOG and I will love him forever.


Second,  and more importantly, Sarah.

Our pre-run dedication this week came from Sarah Lucas, who has been running for her friend Heather, a stand-up comedian and tall drink of water from Denver who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015. As Sarah’s friends, we’ve all been following Heather’s fight since the diagnosis – through two bone marrow transplants, increasing challenges and setbacks, and finally her hope to join a clinical trial in LA January 3rd. So when Sarah found out Heather had passed away December 31st, it felt like a punch in the chest even to those of us who hadn’t known her personally. For those who did, I can’t imagine the pain.

The reason we run as a team is to keep the people we love alive. Not just by raising money that might save lives, but by telling, and listening to, their stories. When my teammates get up and talk about who they’re running for, they talk about that PERSON. Not just their illness, or their fight against it, but the funny, loving, weird, annoying, wonderful, whole human that they are. I know the stories of the people my long-time teammates are running for as well as if I’d known them myself, and I’ll never forget them. So thank you to Sarah, for sharing Heather’s story, and letting us share in some of the light that she gave to the world.




Sunday: Rest Day

Actual: Rest Day

All that brings us to today! Before I go dive face-first into a platter of sushi and Benedict Cumberbatch’s mind-boggling deduction skills, just let’s all give someone we love a hug and tell them their hair looks great and they always make us laugh. And if you want to help keep someone else’s story alive: Sarah’s fundraising page.



HOW’RE WE DOING: Super. Ask me next week after I do a full 6 days of runs (including another one up a ski mountain – when will I learn!)



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