#TBT: Back in the Habit

Editor’s Note: Oh HELLO, it’s me, FUTURE CAITLIN, comin atcha from 2017! Thanks to the incredible generosity of some recent donors/blood relations, we have BOUNDED over the $2,000 mark and are closing in on three grand! So, to honor my second thousand, please enjoy this gem from the archives of our second fundraising campaign (spiced up with a little 2017 photoshopping)…

Is Whoopi Goldberg jogging behind me, singing sassed-up spirituals for motivation? I wish. Sadly, my runs remain nun-free. I have, however, started up my “real” training period (i.e., runs long enough to require water stops and jelly beans), and I’m readjusting to 2+ hours of continuous movement, the bedtime of a 6-year-old on Friday nights, and 8am Saturday training sessions. It’s great!
Really, though, it is. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to having to set my alarm on Saturdays again (I know, call me crazy). But I forgot how incredibly motivational it is to run with my teammates, to talk to them about Powerbars and pacing and sneakers and fundraising, and to hear their reasons for trying this whole marathon thing in the first place.
This past Saturday, for instance. About two miles into our run, a woman on our team I’d never spoken to before came up beside me and asked me if this was my first marathon. Now, I don’t usually like to expend precious breathing air on idle chitchat, but once we started talking those 9 miles FLEW by. We talked about what it’s like to run your first marathon (this is hers), the nutritional merits of post-race hot dogs, and the reason she’s running. Her aunt was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 14 years ago – the cancer has now taken over to the point where trying to eradicate the tumors completely with chemotherapy would cause her bones to collapse. But she’s still fighting, and Andrea thinks she’ll be there to watch her run in April. You want something to make a marathon seem easy? That’ll do it.
Speaking of motivation, in the two miles before I met up with my running buddy I (over)heard something truly astonishing. Two guys behind me were talking about their fundraising, and one said he had raised $28,000 . That’s almost my annual salary! In two months! Granted, he did mention that he emailed “300+ acquaintances”, while I don’t think I’ve even bumped into 300 strangers on the T (I’m very big on personal space). And I certainly don’t have 7-8 people with $1,000 to drop on Crazee Caitlin’s Wacky Adventures in Running, as he apparently does. But if this guy can raise $28,000, I’m pretty sure I can make my $3,000 minimum.
Which, of course, means asking for your help. Many of you have already donated, and to you a million thanks! If you’d like to but haven’t yet, the details on how to give online or by mail are below. The balance comes off my credit card on January 23rd, so anything you can give before that point is particularly welcome :). Donations are accepted all the way until May, however, so don’t worry if your credit card is still in recovery from December. Here’s the info:
Donating Online
Donations by Check
Make your check out to “The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” and mail them to me at:
Caitlin Deschenes-Desmond
1862 Beacon Street
Bldg 1, Apt 5
Brookline, MA 02445
Finally, if you know of someone who’s interested in running or cancer-curing or giving me money, please feel free to pass this on. I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful 2007, and I’ll talk to you again in a month!

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