100 Friends, 100 Hours, 100 Bidens

I mean, I can’t promise there are 100 pictures of Joe Biden eating ice cream out there, but there’s gotta be at least 80.

I usually try to keep my emailing to once a month, but I wanted to let y’all know about this fundraising contest our team is running! Here’s the deal: if I can get 100 friends to donate any amount by 9pm on Sunday, January 22nd, I have a chance to net an extra $250 from LLS. Free money????


Want to know what’s even better? If I can get 100 donations from 100 people totaling at least $500 I *WILL* get a $1,000 donation from a mysterious benefactor. I’ve already got 4 donations totaling $130, so we are well on our way!
So, where does Biden come into all of this? Well, regardless of where you fall in our deeply divided political landscape, I think we can all agree that there’s something delightful about watching this nation’s septuagenarian sexpot in chief enjoy the heck outta an ice cream cone. If you are so inclined, join the Facebook event, where I’ll be bombarding your newsfeed with gifs, Onion articles, and homemade Biden memes every time I get a donation.
Okay let’s wrap this up and get to gif-in! REEEEEEEECAP!
  1. I need 100 unique donors by 9:00pm Sunday, January 22nd (no peeling that $25 donation off in ones, unfortch, I already checked)
  2. Donations can be any amount (guys, I mean ANY)
  3. Donations will be met with a hailstorm of Bidens
  4. If I get to 100 donors/$500, I’ll have another grand in the cancer-curing bank
Alright everyone, START YOUR ENGINES….

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